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Photonic Systems Laboratory

The Photonic Systems Laboratory was established in 2007. It is devoted to identify new technologies, such as system architectures, modulation formats, pre/post signal processings, machine learning techniques for optical communications 
Our research activities include two major areas:
Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) and Visible Light Communications (VLC) 
Silicon Photonics 

Recent News !

OFC 2022 Workshop Organizer

Is Optical Wireless Still Relevant for 6G or Will Fiber-radio be Enough?(more)(brief)

IEEE ICC 2022 Workshop Steering Committee

WS-16: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications (OWC'22)(more)(brief)

WOCC 2021 Symposia Chair

30th Wireless and Optical Communications Conference (WOCC)(more)(brief)
Congratulations!!! AAEE Best Paper Award (more)

Guest Editor of Photonics, MDPI 

Special Issue "Optical Wireless Communication (OWC) Systems" Guest Editor (more)(brief)

OFC 2022 S3:TPC

S3: Fiber-radio, Optical Wireless and Sensing Systems (more)(brief)

ECOC 2022 SC9:TPC  

SC9 – Photonics for RF & Free-Space Optics Applications (more)(brief)

OFC 2021 S3:TPC

S3: Radio-over-fiber, Free-space and Sensing Sub-systems and Systems (brief)

ECOC 2021 SC7:TPC 

SC7– Photonics for RF and Free Space Optics applications (more)(brief)

OECC 2021 S1: Subcommittee Co-Chair

S1: Core/Access/Data Center Networks and Subsystems (more)(brief)

OFC 2020 Invited Talk  

Invited Talk: Enabling Techniques for Optical Wireless Communication Systems (more)(brief)

IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Workshop Organizer

WS-01: Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications (OWC) (more)(brief)

ECOC 2020 SC7:TPC  

SC7 - Photonics for RF and Free Space Optics applications (more)(brief)

CLEO PacificRim 2020 C9:TPC

C9. Optical Communication Systems and Networks (brief)

OECC 2020 Track Chair 

Track (1) Core/access networks and switching systems (more)(brief)


2021 Student Graduation

宋紹華 (Master), 林耘陞 (Master), 林東璋 (Master), 陳君睿 (Master).


2020 Student Graduation

許格霖 (Master), 蔡睿峰 (Master), 吳宇鈞 (Master), 洪崇祐 (Master).


2019 Student Graduation

魏良育 (Ph.D.), 徐雍 (Ph.D.), 鄭銘瑋 (Master), 莊育誠 (Master), 李志卿 (Master).


2018 Student Graduation

劉彥醇 (Master), 許睿杰 (Master), 許勁崴 (Ph.D.), 張元嘉 (Master). 


2017 Student Graduation

王浩宇 (Master), 陳佳偉 (Master), 王瑋鈞 (Master), 吳昭霆 (Master).


2016 Student Graduation

陳宏宇 (Master), 劉昱夆 (Ph.D.) , 宋峻宇 (Ph.D.), 梁智凱 (Master).


2015 Student Graduation

陳仲彥 (Master), 劉寶夫 (Master), 吳郁夫 (Ph.D.), 陳世豪 (Ph.D.). 

Principle Investigator 

  • Research and Study of Using Photonic Integration, Advanced  Multiplexing and Machine Learning Techniques For Improving Transmission Capacity and Performance in Photonic On-Chip Networks and Optical Fiber Network 利用積體光路及先進多工與機器學習技術提升晶片光網路與光纖網路傳輸速率與效能的研究 (110-2221-E-A49-057-MY3) 
  • Using Advanced Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniquesto Enhance the Convergent MMW/VLC/FSO System Performance forBeyond 5G Mobile Fronthaul Networks 使用先進訊號處理和機器學習技術提升應用在後5G(Beyond 5G)移動前傳網路MMW/VLC/FSO整合系統的性能 (109-2221-E-009-155-MY3) 
  • Research and Study of Using Advanced Multiplexing Techniques to Achieve High Transmission Capacity for Data Center Optical Networks and Optical Network-on-Chips 利用先進的多工技術提升數據中心光網路及晶片光網路傳輸容量的研究 (107-2221-E-009-118-MY3) 
  • Research and Development of Optical Wired and Wireless Network Technologies for the Future Cloud Radio Access Network (Cloud-RAN) 應用在未來雲端無線電接取網路(Cloud-RAN)的光纖有線與無線網路技術的 研究與開發 (106-2221-E-009-105-MY3)
  • Research and Development for Convergent Optical Wireline and Wireless Access Networks towards 5G and Beyond 邁向5G整合光纖有線連結與無線連結之接取網路研究與開發 (104-2628-E-009 -011 -MY3)
  • Research and Development for Providing Elastic and Flexible Bandwidth to Users in Next Generation Optical Access Networks 提升下一代光纖接取網路用戶頻寬彈性和靈活性之開發和研究 (103-2221-E-009 -030 -MY3)
  • Research and Development for Upgrading from TDM-PON to WDM-PON 從分時多工被動光網路(TDM-PON)升級到分波多工被動光網路(WDM-PON)的研究和發展 (101-2622-E-009-009-CC2)
  • Research and Development to Improve the Spectral Efficiency for Next Generation Long-Reach Optical Access Networks 提高下一代長距離光纖接取網路頻譜效率之開發和研究 (101-2628-E-009-007-MY3)
  • Research of Next Generation Long-Reach WDM Optical Fiber and Wireless Access Networks 下一代長距離波分多工光纖與無線接取網路整合技術之研究 (100-2221-E-009-088-MY3)
  • Research and Development of Next Generation 40 Gb/s Access Network Technologies 下一代40 Gb/s接取網路技術開發和研究 (99-2622-E-009-013-CC2)
  • Research and Development of Future High Data Rate Fiber to the Home Technologies 未來高速光纖到家網路技術研究和開發 (98-2622-E-009-185-CC2)
  • Novel Technologies for DWDM Long Reach and High Split-Ratio Optical Access Networks 新高密度分波多工長距離高分流比光接取網路分析及研究 (98-2221-E-009-017-MY3)
  • Rayleigh Backscattering Noise Modeling, Analysis and Mitigation for DWDM Passive Optical Networks and Radio-over-Fiber Networks 波分多工被動光纖網路和光纖微波系統中的瑞利背向散射噪音模型 , 分析 , 及 緩和研究 (97-2221-E-009-038-MY3)
  • Novel Modulation Formats for Next Generation Carrier Distributed Optical Networks 下一代載波分佈光網路的新穎調制格式 (96-2218-E-009-025-MY2)


  • 旗艦計畫: 通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究(4/4) (110-2224-E-A49-003-) 
  • 旗艦計畫: 通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究(3/4)(109-2224-E-009-002-) 
  • 旗艦計畫: 通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究--通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究(2/4) (108-2218-E-009-031-)
  • 旗艦計畫: 通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究--通訊應用矽晶光電同調收發模組之研究(1/4) (107-2218-E-009-056- ) 
  • 功能性兆赫光電元件及其應用之研究 (104-2221-E-007 -093 -MY3)
  • 光電毫米波即時影像雷達之基礎與應用研究(101-2221-E-007-103-MY3)
  • Fundamental and System Aspects of Ultra-Widband Over Fiber (UOF) Communication Systems 超寬頻訊號載於光纖通訊之基礎與應用研究 (98-2221-E-007-026-MY3)
  • Towards THz Communication Technologies (I) 兆赫資通訊科技之研究(I)(97-2221-E-007-141)


Department of Photonics
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Rm 216A, Tin Ka Ping building 
1001 University Road

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Prof. Chi-Wai Chow
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Administrative Assistant
Miss Canny Yan (顏小姐)