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MBA5217 Global Technology Strategy全球科技策略

Co-Instructors: Professors Yingchan E. Tang and Shihping Kevin Huang



Textbook: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

Robert A. Burgelman, Stanford University

Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School

Steven C. Wheelwright, Harvard Bus. Sch. (Emeritus), Brigham Young Univ.


*Case discussion will be held at 光寶廳, Management Building One.

Class time periods: Thursday, 18:30~21:20pm (Office Hours)




Contents/Assigned Readings



Course Set-up

Team members assignment



I. Integrating Technology and Strategy

Getting the most from your HBS experience (.pdf)

KH: 3M


Technological Innovation

READING I-1 Profiting from Technological Innovation: Implications for Integration, Collaboration, Licensing, and Public Policy

READING I-2 The Core Competence of the Corporation

IND: Qualcomm Incorporated 2009 (Qualcomm Inc., 2009-2015)


Technological Innovation and Strategy

READING I-3 Defining the Minimum Winning Game in Hi-Tech Ventures

READING I-4 The Art of High-Technology Management

1. Matrix Semiconductor Inc.: Transitioning from Innovation to Execution







II. Design and Implementation of Technology Strategy

READING II-1 Design Rules

READING II-2 Crossing the Chasm—and Beyond

KH: Design Thinking project


Technological Evolution

READING II-3 Patterns of Industrial Innovation

READING II-4 Customer Power, Strategic Investment, and the Failure of Leading Firms

KH: Groupon


04/04~06 Holiday

*** No Class ***



Industry Context

READING II-5 Exploring the Limits of the Technology S-Curve. Part I: Component Technologies

READING II-6 Exploring the Limits of the Technology S-Curve. Part II: Architectural Technologies

2. Flextronics International, Ltd.


Organizational Context

READING II-7 Strategic Dissonance

READING II-8 Let Chaos Reign, Then Rein in Chaos-Repeatedly

3. Intel Corp. --1968-2003







III. Enactment of Technology Strategy-Developing a Firm's Innovative Capabilities

READING III-1 Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation

READING III-2 Transforming Invention into Innovation: The Conceptualization Stage

KH: Netflix


Internal and External Sources of Technology

READING III-3 Capturing the Returns From Research

READING III-4 Perfecting Cross-Pollination

KH: Cialis


Internal and External Sources of Technology

READING III-5 Transforming Invention into Innovation: The Conceptualization Stage

READING III-6 Making Sense of Corporate Venture Capital

4. Zara: IT for Fast Fashion



Linking New Technology and Novel Customer Needs

READING III-7 Eager Sellers and Stony Buyers: Understanding the psychology of new-product adoption

READING III-8 Misleading Methods of Financial Analysis

5. Intel NBI: Intel Corporation's New Business Initiatives



Internal Corporate Venturing

READING III-9 Assessing Your Organization's Capabilities: Resources, Processes, & Priorities

READING III-10 Organizing and Leading “Heavyweight” Development Teams

6. Mobileye: The Future of Driverless Cars






IV. Enactment of Technology Strategy-Creating and implementing a Development Strategy

READING IV-1 Ambidextrous Organizations: Managing Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change

READING IV-2 Communication Between Engineering and Production: A Critical Factor

READING IV-2 The New Product Learning Cycle

KH: Kodak


New Product Development

READING IV-3 The New Product Learning Cycle

READING IV-4 Finding the Right Job for Your Product

KH: Paypal


Building Competence/ Capabilities Through New Product Development

READING IV-5 Creating Project Plans to Focus Product Development

READING IV-6 Accelerating the Design-Build-Test Cycle for Effective New Product Development

7. Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in the Silicon Valley (A)






V. Conclusion: Innovation Challenges in Established Firms

READING V-1 Building a Learning Organization

READING V-2 The Power of Strategic Integration

IND: 3D Robotics: Disrupting the Drone Market



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