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The HsinChu City Spinal Core Injury Association (HCSCI) was established in 1994.

We develop better programs and services and act as community advocates for improved access, housing, transportation, employment, and leisure time activities for disabled people. Peer support and other services are also provided. These are fundamental aspects of living that our friends with spinal cord injuries must cope with after they have been rehabilitated and have returned to community life.

The purpose is to serve individuals who become paralyzed as a result of spinal cord injury.

    Activities include:
  • Promoting ideal standards of care;
  • Providing care consultation services to persons who have recently experienced spinal cord injury and their families;
  • Educating professionals about proper methods of providing care and rehabilitation;
  • Providing an information and referral service to individuals interested in learning about spinal cord injury through a Help Line 886-3-5324066;
  • Implementing a program of public education that focuses on prevention of spinal cord injury and abilities of individuals who have been paralyzed as a result of SCI.
  • Provide peer and family counseling on a person-to-person basis;
  • Help through personal contact to motivate individuals with spinal cord injury to establish realistic goals in regard to employment, education, transportation, and adaptation to wheelchair living;
  • Advocate elimination of barriers to independent living for persons who use wheelchairs for mobility.

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