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Short Biography

Kuan-Wei Su was born in 1979. He received the B.S. degree in physics from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, in 2001. He served a two-year compulsory military duty as a Second Lieutenant from 2001 to 2003. He received the Ph.D. degrees in electrophysics from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 2007. His Ph.D. dissertation research focused on intracavity laser-matter interaction. He joined NCTU as an Assistant Professor in 2008. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrophysics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). His research interests and activities cover laser physics and engineering, optics, high-speed photography, industrial photonic systems.

High-speed Laser Science and Optical Application Laboratory ,
Laser System Research Center

Kuan-Wei Su 蘇冠暐
Associate Professor
Electrophysics / AI / NSE
National Yamg Ming Chiao Tung University

SC515, Science Building III,
1001, Ta-Hsueh Rd.,
Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
+886-3-5712121 #56176

sukuanwei@nycu.edu.tw / sukuanwei@mail.nctu.edu.tw
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Curriculum Vitae
Specialty Laser Physics and Laser Technology
Semiconductor Optoelectronic Device
Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Physics
High-speed Dynamics & Appl. of Light-matter Interaction
Biomedical Engineering
Current Position Associate Professor in Dept. of Electrophysics, NYCU, Hsinchu
Associate Professor in College of Artificial Intelligence, NYCU, Tainan
陽明交大電子物理系副教授 2013/8~迄今
陽明交大智慧科學暨綠能學院副教授 2019/8~迄今

陽明交大奈米學士班(奈米科學與工程學士學位學程)學程委員 2008/8~迄今
陽明交大科學學士班(理學院科學學士學位學程)學程委員 20011/8~迄今

陽明交大生醫光電研究所合聘副教授 2021/8~迄今
陽明交大前瞻半導體研究學院合聘副教授 2022/2~迄今

熱映光電股份有限公司 獨立董事 2019/6~迄今
Education & Experience Assistant Professor in Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU, Hsinchu, 2008/8~2013/7.
Postdoctoral researcher in Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU, Hsinchu, 2007/8~2008/7.
Doctor of philosophy in Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU, Hsinchu, 2004/9~2007/3. (Ph.D. degree)
Master of science in Dept. of Electrophysics, NCTU, Hsinchu, 2003/9~2004/8. Solid-state Laser Physics Laboratory
IEPP (language program), Extension center, UC Davis, CA, USA, 2003/3~2003/8.
The Private, Student, and Second Lieutenant as a Platoon Leader and a Rear-service Officer in Artillery, Army, 2001/7~2003/3.
Bachelor of science in Dep. of Physics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, 1997/9~2001/6. (B.S. degree)
National Experimental High School at Science Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, 1994/9~1997/6.
San Min Junior High School, Hsinchu, 1993/9~1994/6.
台南市致遠基金會 兼任執行長 2021/9~2022/6
國立交通大學基礎物理教學小組召集人 2016/8~2019/7
跨領域分子科學國際碩士學位學程 學程委員 2015/10~2019/6

國立交通大學電子物理系助理教授 2008/8~2013/7
國立交通大學電子物理系博士後研究員 2007/8~2008/7
國立交通大學電子物理系博士班 2004/9~2007/3 (理學博士)
國立交通大學電子物理系碩士班 2003/9~2004/8 固態雷射物理實驗室
美國加州大學戴維斯分校語言課程 2003/3~2003/8
中華民國義務役預備軍官五十一期一梯砲兵飛彈學校、多管火箭營少尉排長、砲兵指揮部幕僚 2001/7~2003/3
國立成功大學物理學系九零級 1997/9~2001/6 (理學學士)
國立新竹科學園區實驗高級中學第十二屆 1994/9~1997/6
新竹市立三民國中第四屆 1993/9~1994/6
桃園縣立龍潭國中 1991/9~1993/6
桃園縣立石門國小 1985/9~1991/6
Honor The 18th National Innovation Award, 2021
Excellent Award for Student Mentoring, NYCU, 2021
The 16th National Innovation Award, 2019
Excellent Teaching Award, NCTU, 2020
Excellent Award for Student Mentoring, NCTU, 2015
Young Scholar Outstanding Research Award from College of Science, NCTU, 2013

Excellent Ph.D. Thesis Award, The Physical Society of the ROC (Taiwan), 2008
Honorary member, Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the ROC (Taiwan), 2007

交大理學院年輕學者傑出研究獎 (2013)

中華民國物理學會優良博士論文佳作獎 (2008)
斐陶斐榮譽學會榮譽會員 (2007)
Academic Service and Activics Reviewer: Optics Letters, Optics Express, Applied Physics B, Laser Physics... etc. (2011-..)
Editor: Physics Bimonthly (2014-..)
Society: OSA, The Physical Society of ROC
Conference Organizing Chair: IS-PALD 2014click
Conference Program Committee: ICAIT 2013...
Conference Session Chair: OPTIC, ICAIT, IS-PALD...
國立陽明交通大學電子物理學系 雷射科學與光學應用實驗室