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Research Summary

-  We use the design and manufacture of generalized solid-state lasers (including crystals, optical fibers, and semiconductors) as the core experimental technology, supplemented by high-speed photography and various photoelectric measurement and calculation simulation technologies, through physical viewpoints and theoretical methods, to study physical phenomena and solve optoelectronic engineering issues, develop innovative instruments and equipment. In addition to the recognized achievements in laser physics, laser engineering, and medical applications, we also develop recently: the photoelectric and mechanical effects of structured laser-induced fluids and plasmas and their applications (including microfluidic actuation, underwater acoustics, and laser-driven light sources enhancement, true floating volumetric display), optical detection methods and sensor technology for smart health care, laser manufacturing process, photo-curing additive manufacturing.

Regarding industry-university research and development, the laboratory cooperates with many international companies. The fields of enterprises cover: laser medical equipment, biomedical sensing and preventive medicine, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, equipment, photoelectric testing equipment, laser services, manufacturing of information and communication products, etc.

High-speed Laser Science and Optical Application Laboratory ,
Laser System Research Center

Kuan-Wei Su 蘇冠暐
Associate Professor
Electrophysics / AI / NSE
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

SC515, Science Building III,
1001, Ta-Hsueh Rd.,
Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
+886-3-5712121 #56176

NYCU SC528, SC525 || +886-3-5712121 #56174
Research  and Teaching
Research Interest LED-pumped Laser technologies
Laser Induced Breakdown in Fluid / Lab-on-a-chip
Laser Induced Plasma / Light Source

High-Speed Dynamics of Lasers and Matter
Industrial & Medical Commercial System of Lasers / Optics
Smart Health (Precision, Preventive Home Healthcare)
Noncollinear SHG Pattern with Random Scattering

Quantum Billiard and Directional Emission
Pattern Formation of Damaged Material by High Field
High-power Solid-State Lasers (UV~MIR)
Nonlinear Wavelength Conversion, Raman Laser
End-pumped / Side-pumped Technologies
Mode-locked Ultra-Fast Lasers
PQS / AQS / HQS Laser Technologies

High-energy Pulsed Fiber Lasers
Optical Pumped Semiconductor Laser

SESA(M) for Mode-Locking and PQS
Research Projects Research Grants PI or Project Consultant:
35. Emerging Technology Application Program - Product development plan for spot urine uric acid inspection on urinal without sample collection (2023 / Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, NSTC)
34. NA (2022~2023 / RedEye)
33. (Co-PI) Development and verification of minute-quantity blood sensing in smart toilet for precision cancer screening (2022~2023 / TIRI (Taiwan Instrument Research Institute), NSTC (National Science and Technology Council) )
32. Optical imaging detection technology of Albumin solution (2021~2022 / RedEye)
29-31. (Co-PI) Industry-University R&D Center Project-Cooperative Research of Smart Laser System in Biomedicine and Industrial Application (I), (II), (III) (2020~2023 / LM and MOST)
28. Optical quantitative analysis of impurities in biological solutions (2020 / RedEye)
27. Measuring the wafer topography through high-precision spatial-resolved reflectance profile obtained by scanning hyperspectral imaging system (II) (2020 / TSMC)
26. (Co-PI) Research on smart image recognition in production quality control application (2020~2021 / Accton)
25. Bio-optical Detecting Technology in Smart Toilet (2019 / RedEye)
24. Measuring the wafer topography through high-precision spatial-resolved reflectance profile obtained by scanning hyperspectral imaging system (I) (2019 / TSMC)
23. Feasibility Analysis of Optical Measurement Methods for Simultaneous Measuring Multiple Dies in LED Array (2019 / FitTech)
22. High-power green laser with wide operating repetition rate for AI-developed processing (2018~2019 / MOST and GY)
21. Investigation on the overlay control techniques and wafer metrology (2018 / TSMC)
20. Optical Remote Detecting Technology for Trace Solut
es (2018 / RedEye)
19. (Co-PI) Research and development of the manufacture for the advanced optically pumped semiconductor laser system (2018~2020 / LM-USA)

18. (Co-PI) Optimization of Laser Grooving (2017 / ASE)
17. Development of pump module for the LED-pumped solid-stated laser (2017~2018 / MOST and Epistar)
16. Automated Optical Detecting Technology for Biological Solution (2017 / WS)
15. Threshold Phenomena of Laser Induced Breakdown and Science of Laser-driving with Light-cured 3D-printed Microfluidics (2016~2017 / MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology ))

14. (Co-PI) Optimization of DOE UDOB (2016 / ASE)
13. Preliminary Study of
Blood Detection with Laser (2016 / WS)
12. (Consultant) Dermatology Excimer Lamp System (2015~2016 / LM)
11. (Consultant) Dental Er:YAG Laser System (2013~2015 / LM-Dental)
10. High-speed dynamic and optoelectronic interaction of fluid with laser-induced breakdown (2013~2016 / NSC)

9. Performance verification of high-power semiconductor laser applied in laser processing (2013 / UOC)
8. (Consultant) Variable UV projection system for Corneal cross-linking (2012~2013 / LM)
7. Nonlinear Optics and Dynamics of Photonic Crystal Fiber Lasers with Carbon Nanomaterial (2011~2013 / NSC)

6. UV Laser Development: technologies of resonators and the frequency-tripling module (2010~2011 / E&R Engineering and MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs ))
5. Optimization and verification of frequency-tripling module for fiber laser (2010 / ITRI)
4. Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Advanced Optoelectronic Material (2009~2011 / NSC (National Science Council))

3. The study of Laser Sensor for Precision Displacement Measurement (2009~2010 / Yaya)
2. Intracavity frequency-doubling of Yb-doped fiber laser (2009 / ITRI)
1. Short pulse fiber laser (2008 / ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan))
Research Grants from the Aim for the Top University program of the Ministry of Education: sub-project of High-power Fiber Laser of X-photonics Interdisciplinary Center (2012~2013)
Technology Transfer: Dual wavelength laser module (2009 / Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology)
Teaching Course

Physics (I), (II) 2008/9~
Optics (I), (II) 2009/9~2010/6
Optics Lab. (Experiments) 2008/9~
Nano Science and Engineering Lab. (Experiments) 2010/2~
Introduction to Electrodynamics 2022/9~
Optoelectronics and Photonics 2017/2~
Advanced Laser Physics 2009/2~2009/6

Introduction to Scientific Research and Implementation (I)~(IV) 2014/9~
Introduction to Nanoscience 2015/9~
Colloquium 2011/2~
Service Learning 2008/2~2010/6

物理 (一), (二)
光學概論 (一), (二)
奈米科學與工程實驗 (奈米學士班)

基礎科學研究方法與實作 (一)~(四) (科學學士班)
服務學習 (奈米學士班)
Popular Speech Topics .Science of Photography, and Scientific Photography  攝影科學與科學攝影 (1.5 ~ 6 hr)
.Meet the Laser from Star Trek to Kinect  遇見雷射-從星艦迷航記到體感遊戲 (1.5 ~ 3 hr)
.Chat about the Optics and Lasers  漫談光學與雷射 (1.5 ~ 2 hr)
.Laser-induced Fluid Breakdown with mode-locked Q-switched Laser 雷射誘發流體爆破 (1 ~ 2 hr)
.High-peak-power Pulsed Fiber Lasers  高功率光纖雷射 / 高尖峰功率脈衝光纖雷射 (1 ~ 2 hr)
.DDiode-pumped Self-mode-locked Lasers  二極體激發自鎖模雷射 (1 ~ 1.5 hr)
.Intro. to Nanophotonics - Science and Technology  奈米光電簡介 - 科學與技術 (0.5 ~ 1.5 hr)
.for Your Dreams, My Experience  個人經驗談 / 生涯規劃 (0.5 ~ 1 hr)
.雷射科技在各產業與科學研究的應用 (2 hr)
Educational and Professional Service under construction 推薦給高中生: 思源科學創意大賽Plus . FB粉絲專頁 . 教育與專業服務
K. W. Su
國立陽明交通大學電子物理學系 雷射科學與光學應用實驗室