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Research Summary

-  我們以廣義固態雷射(包含晶體、光纖、半導體)之設計製造為核心實驗技術,輔以高速攝影…等各式光電量測與計算模擬技術,透過物理觀點與理論方法,研究物理現象並解決光電工程問題、發展創新儀器設備。除了既有之雷射物理與工程、醫療應用實績,近期亦發展:結構化雷射誘發流體與電漿之光電與力學作用及其應用,智慧健康照護之光學檢測方法與感測器技術,雷射製程,光固化積層製造與微光學元件。

High-speed Laser Science and Optical Application Laboratory ,
Laser Physics Research Group

Kuan-Wei Su 蘇冠暐
Associate Professor
Electrophysics / AI / NSE
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

SC515, Science Building III,
No 1001, Ta-Hsueh Rd.,
Hsinchu 30010, Taiwan
+886-3-5712121 #56176

NYCU SC528, SC525 || +886-3-5712121 #56174
Research  and Teaching
Research Interest Laser Induced Breakdown in Fluid / Lab-on-a-chip
Laser Induced Plasma / Light Source

High-Speed Dynamics of Lasers and Matter
Industrial & Medical Commercial System of Lasers / Optics
Noncollinear SHG Pattern with Random Scattering
Quantum Billiard and Directional Emission
Pattern Formation of Damaged Material by High Field
High-Power Pulsed Fiber Lasers
High-power Solid-State Lasers (UV~MIR)
Mode-locked Ultra-Fast Lasers
Nonlinear Wavelength Conversion, Raman Laser
End-pumped / Side-pumped Technologies
PQS / AQS / HQS Laser Technologies
Optical Pumped Semiconductor Laser
SESA(M) for Mode-Locking and PQS
Research Projects Research Grants PI or Project Consultant:
28. Optical quantitative analysis of impurities in biological solutions (2020 / RedEye)
27. Measuring the wafer topography through high-precision spatial-resolved reflectance profile obtained by scanning hyperspectral imaging system (II) (2020 / TSMC)
26. (Co-PI) Research on smart image recognition in production quality control application (2020~2021 / Accton)
25. Bio-optical Detecting Technology in Smart Toilet (2019 / RedEye)
24. Measuring the wafer topography through high-precision spatial-resolved reflectance profile obtained by scanning hyperspectral imaging system (I) (2019 / TSMC)
23. Feasibility Analysis of Optical Measurement Methods for Simultaneous Measuring Multiple Dies in LED Array (2019 / FitTech)
22. High-power green laser with wide operating repetition rate for AI-developed processing (2018~2019 / MOST and GY)
21. Investigation on the overlay control techniques and wafer metrology (2018 / TSMC)
20. Optical Remote Detecting Technology for Trace Solut
es (2018 / RedEye)
19. (Co-PI) Research and development of the manufacture for the advanced optically pumped semiconductor laser system (2018~2020 / LM-USA)

18. (Co-PI) Optimization of Laser Grooving (2017 / ASE)
17. Development of pump module for the LED-pumped solid-stated laser (2017~2018 / MOST and Epistar)
16. Automated Optical Detecting Technology for Biological Solution (2017 / WS)
15. Threshold Phenomena of Laser Induced Breakdown and Science of Laser-driving with Light-cured 3D-printed Microfluidics (2016~2017 / MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology ))

14. (Co-PI) Optimization of DOE UDOB (2016 / ASE)
13. Preliminary Study of
Blood Detection with Laser (2016 / WS)
12. (Consultant) Dermatology Excimer Lamp System (2015~2016 / LM)
11. (Consultant) Dental Er:YAG Laser System (2013~2015 / LM-Dental)
10. High-speed dynamic and optoelectronic interaction of fluid with laser-induced breakdown (2013~2016 / NSC)

9. Performance verification of high-power semiconductor laser applied in laser processing (2013 / UOC)
8. (Consultant) Variable UV projection system for Corneal cross-linking (2012~2013 / LM)
7. Nonlinear Optics and Dynamics of Photonic Crystal Fiber Lasers with Carbon Nanomaterial (2011~2013 / NSC)

6. UV Laser Development: technologies of resonators and the frequency-tripling module (2010~2011 / E&R Engineering and MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs ))
5. Optimization and verification of frequency-tripling module for fiber laser (2010 / ITRI)
4. Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Advanced Optoelectronic Material (2009~2011 / NSC (National Science Council))

3. The study of Laser Sensor for Precision Displacement Measurement (2009~2010 / Yaya)
2. Intracavity frequency-doubling of Yb-doped fiber laser (2009 / ITRI)
1. Short pulse fiber laser (2008 / ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan))
Research Grants from the Aim for the Top University program of the Ministry of Education: sub-project of High-power Fiber Laser of X-photonics Interdisciplinary Center (2012~2013)
Technology Transfer: Dual wavelength laser module (2009 / Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology)
Teaching Course

Physics (I), (II) 2008/9~
Optics (I), (II) 2009/9~2010/6
Optics Lab. (Experiments) 2008/9~
Nano Science and Engineering Lab. (Experiments) 2010/2~
Optical Electronics 2017/2~
Advanced Laser Physics 2009/2~2009/6

Introduction to Scientific Research and Implementation (I)~(IV) 2014/9~
Introduction to Nanoscience 2015/9~2016
Colloquium 2011/2~
Service Learning 2008/2~2010/6

物理 (一), (二)
光學概論 (一), (二)
奈米科學與工程實驗 (奈米學士班)

基礎科學研究方法與實作 (一)~(四) (科學學士班)
服務學習 (奈米學士班)
Popular Speech Topics .Science of Photography, and Scientific Photography  攝影科學與科學攝影 (1.5 ~ 6 hr)
.Meet the Laser from Star Trek to Kinect  遇見雷射-從星艦迷航記到體感遊戲 (1.5 ~ 3 hr)
.Chat about the Optics and Lasers  漫談光學與雷射 (1.5 ~ 2 hr)
.Laser-induced Fluid Breakdown with mode-locked Q-switched Laser 雷射誘發流體爆破 (1 ~ 2 hr)
.High-peak-power Pulsed Fiber Lasers  高功率光纖雷射 / 高尖峰功率脈衝光纖雷射 (1 ~ 2 hr)
.DDiode-pumped Self-mode-locked Lasers  二極體激發自鎖模雷射 (1 ~ 1.5 hr)
.Intro. to Nanophotonics - Science and Technology  奈米光電簡介 - 科學與技術 (0.5 ~ 1.5 hr)
.for Your Dreams, My Experience  個人經驗談 / 生涯規劃 (0.5 ~ 1 hr)
.雷射科技在各產業與科學研究的應用 (2 hr)
Educational and Professional Service under construction 推薦給高中生: 思源科學創意大賽Plus . FB粉絲專頁 . 教育與專業服務
K. W. Su
國立陽明交通大學電子物理學系 雷射科學與光學應用實驗室