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       侯拓宏 Tuo-Hung (Alex) Hou 

         交通大學電子工程學系  教授

         Department of Electronics Engineering, NCTU
         Ph.D. in ECE,
Cornell University 


簡歷  (Biographical Sketch):     
      Tuo-Hung Hou was born in Chia-Yi, Taiwan, in 1975. He received his B.S. and M.S. in electronics engineering from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan in 1996 and 1998, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Cornell University in 2008. From 1998 to 2000, he served as a Second Lieutenant in the Army, Taiwan, R.O.C. In 2000, he joined Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). From 2001 to 2003, he was also a TSMC assignee at International SEMATECH, Austin, TX. During his tenure with TSMC, he has contributed to several key front-end processes such as spike annealing, high-k / metal gate stack through atomic layer chemical deposition, and reliability improvement of ultra-thin gate oxide. Since 2008, he joined the Department of Electronics Engineering, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), where he is currently a Professor. He also served as the Director of EECS International Graduate Program (EECSIGP), NCTU, from 2015 to 2017. His research interests include the development of terabit nonvolatile resistive-switching memory, electronic synaptic device and neuromorphic computing systems, low-temperature all-oxide integrated circuits for flexible electronics, and heterogeneous integration of silicon electronics and low-dimensional nanomaterials.
       Tuo-Hung Hou has authored or co-authored more than 150 technical papers and held 12 U.S. patents. He was also a recipient of IEEE Electron Device Society PhD student fellowship, EDMA Outstanding Youth Award, and 
Ta-You Wu Memorial Award.  He is currently a member of the Board of Supervisors of IEEE Taipei Section and an editorial board member of Scientific Reports.

聯 絡方式 (Contact Information):
工程四館 409 室

電話: 03-5712121 分機 54261

email : thhou@mail.nctu.edu.tw

     Research Associate 研究員
胡博瑞 Boris  Hudec
     Ph.D. Students 博士班學生
I-Ting Wang
Chih-Hung Lu
王怡婷 I-Ting Wang 盧志竤 Chih-Hung Lu 賴逸修 Yi-Hsui Lai
mylife.chip@hotmail.com m9901612@gmail,com
Jen-Chieh Liu
Jyun-Hong Huang
Pang-Shiuan Liu
劉仁傑 Jen-Chieh Liu 黃俊宏 Jyun-Hong Huang 劉邦軒 Pang-Shiuan Liu
crazysunset@hotmail.com laurie9627125@hotmail.com xuvm@hotmail.com
Che-Chia Chang Chih-Pin Lin
CC Chang
張哲嘉 Che-Chia Chang 林智斌 Chih-Pin Lin 張志丞 Chih-Cheng Chang
gorillaz24@gmail.com lawliet800619@yahoo.com.tw ccbs1012.ee99@g2.nctu.edu.tw
     Master Students 碩士班學生
Tsung-Han Lee Wei-Chen Liao
Ruei-Ping Lin
李宗翰 Tsung-Han Lee 廖偉成 Wei-Chen Liao 林芮萍 Ruei-Ping Lin
paullee22308@gmail.com ny88154.ee04g@nctu.edu.tw rueipinglin@gmail.com
Ying Chen
Chih-Chun Su
Mani Teja
陳盈 Ying Chen 蘇智群 Chih-Chun Su 德維杰 Mani Teja
ycjasper@gmail.com ejjir2324@gmail.com manitejaviitm@gmail.com
Ming-Hong Wu
Chih-Pin Hsu
Hsin-Hui Huang
吳明鴻 Ming-Hong Wu
許智斌 Chih-Pin Hsu 黃欣慧 Hsin-Hui Huang 
kenisme4513@gmail.com michael830304hsu@gmail.com hannah830323.am01@g2.nctu.edu.tw
Pin-Chun ChenWan-Chi TsengYu-Lin Shen
陳品君 Pin-Chun Chen曾琬淇 Wan-Chi Tseng
沈于琳 Yu-Lin Shen

      Alumni 畢業學生
       PhD Students:

        余明爵 Ming-Jiue Yu (2016), now at CSOT  
        Dissertation:High-voltage transistor and roll-to-roll fabrication by using low temperature a-InGaZnO technology

        徐崇威 Chung-Wei Hsu (2015), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Graduate Students Study Abroad Program (Stanford University)
        (Lam Research Award)
        Dissertation:Non-linear resistive-switching memory for 3D ultra-high density storage-class memory applications

        吳 仕傑 Shih-Chieh Wu (2014), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Graduate Students Study Abroad Program (Stanford University)
        (Lam Research Award)
        Dissertation:Single-transistor multi-bit-per-cell resistive-switching memory for low-cost embedded applications

        羅 文呈 Wun-Cheng Luo (2013), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Dissertation:Statistical study and rapid prediction methodology of RRAM SET speed-disturb dilemma

        (NCTU EE Excellent PhD Dissertation Award)

        黃 俊嘉 Jiun-Jia Huang (2012), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Graduate Students Study Abroad Program (University of Iowa)

        Dissertation:Cross-point resistive switching memory for high-density data storage and flexible electronics
        (Lam Research Award; NCTU EE Excellent PhD Dissertation Award)

        林冠良 Kuan-Liang Lin (2012), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Dissertation: Study on nonvolatile binary-oxide-based resistive switching memory

        陸志誠 Chin-Cheng Lu (2010), now at Broadcom
        Dissertation:Study of stress memorization technique on the characteristics of nanoscale nMOS transistors

      Master Students:

        王泰方 Tai-Fang Wang  (2016), now a PhD student at Ecole Poly Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
        Thesis:Electrode effect and device scaling of ALD bilayer RRAM

        林敬庭 Ching-Ting Lin (2016), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Thesis:Improving contact resistance of molybdenum disulfide transistor

        邱麗文 Li-Wen Chiu (2016), now at Phison Electronics Corp
        Thesis:Hardware neural network platform based on resistive synaptic device and its pattern recognition application

        周德玉 Teyuh Chou (2016), now a PhD student at University of Michigan
        Thesis:Implementation of hardware neural network system based on analog resistive artificial synapse

        賴韋利 Wei-Li Lai (2015), now at R.O.C. Army
        Thesis:TaOx/TiO2 bilayer RRAM for flexible array and 3D vertical memory applications 

        張宇宏 Yu-Hong Chang (2015), now at R.O.C. Army
        Thesis:Demonstrating low-temperature a-IGZO thin film transistors for high-voltage power devices

        林子評 Tzu-Ping Lin (2015), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Thesis:Numerical modeling of filamentary and non-filamentary RRAM

        林智斌 Chih-Pin Lin (2015), now a PhD student at NCTU
        Thesis:Transition metal dichalcogenides thin film transistor: Grain size and doping effects

        林妍君 Yen-Chuan Lin (2014), now at TSMC
        Thesis:RRAM-based electronic synaptic device and compact model

       王鈺芬 Yu-Fen Wang (2014), now at TSMC
        Thesis:Numerical simulation of RRAM and electronic synaptic device
        (Young Thesis Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE))

       戚力仁 Li-Jen Chi (2014), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Thesis:Demonstrating low-temperature  all-oxide integrated circuit by using a-InGaZnO thin film transistors

       周群策 Chun-Tse Chou (2014), now at UMC (R&D Substitute Service)
        Thesis:Ta/TaOx/TiO2/Ti bilayer RRAM for applications of crossbar array and flexible electronics

        羅淳立 Chun-Li Lo (2013), now a PhD student at Purdue University         
        Thesis:Array-level analysis on crossbar resistive-switching random access memory for high-density data storage
        (Lam Research Award; Young Thesis Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE))

        張朝淵 Chao-Yuan Chang (2013), now at UMC (R&D Substitute Service)         
        Thesis:Study of tungsten-diselenide thin film transistor

        劉仁傑 Jen-Chieh Liu (2013),  now a PhD student at NCTU
(Dual Master degree program  NCTU/KU Leuven)
        Thesis:In-depth understanding of RRAM reliability and switching physics based on TDDB methods

        陳冠龍 Kuan-Long Chen (2012), now at ITRI (R&D Substitute Service)         
        Thesis: Current conduction mechanism of TiO2-based bipolar nonlinear selection device

        夏國譯 Kuo-Yi Hsia (2012), now at TSMC         
        Thesis:Development of three-dimensional vertical resistive-switching random access memory

        黃旺駿 Wang-Chun Huang (2012), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)         
        Thesis:Organic nonvolatile memory using C60 as floating gate

        馮顯琮 Hsien-Tsung Feng (2012), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)         
        Thesis:Numerical RRAM simulation based on Joule heating effect and percolation theory

        傅新鈞 Shih-Jiun Fu (2011), now at TSMC
         Thesis:ZnO:Al TFT fabricated on Si and flexible substrates at room temperature

        羅傑 Chieh Lo (2011), now at Macronix (R&D Substitute Service)
         Thesis:Hybrid logic/resistive-switching poly-Si thin film transistor

        曾奕銘 Yi-Ming Tseng (2011), now at Amazing Microelectronic Corp (R&D Substitute Service)
         Thesis:High-density one selector-one resistor crossbar memory on flexible substrates

        張緯宸 Wei-Chen Chang (2010), now at eMemory Technology
        Thesis:Investigate the effect of Ti incorporation on NiO RRAM

        郭志偉 Chih-Wei Kuo (2010), now at TSMC (R&D Substitute Service)
2-based resistive memory fabricated on Si and flexible substrates at room-temperature

      Research Assistant:

        陳玫瑾 Mei-Chin Chen (2013), now a PhD student at Purdue University

      Visitor 訪客
           Humphrey Huang from Columbia University  (2010 Taiwan Tech Trek)
           David Wu from U.C. Santa Cruz (2010 Taiwan Tech Trek)
           Christine P. Chen from U.C. Berkeley (2009 Taiwan Tech Trek)

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