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2012 Fall : DEE1037 數值分析 (Numerical Analysis)
Introduction to numerical methods and computational mathematics in science and engineering. Students are also expected to develop programming and graphics proficiency with MATLAB. Topics include: Taylor-series approximations, numerical errors, roots of equations, linear equations, curve fitting, numerical differentiation and integration, and solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. This course approaches numerical methods from a problem-solving perspective with emphasis on the E.E. applications.

2012 Spring : IEE5561 半導體物理及元件 (一) (Semiconductor Physics and Devices I)
The course teaches fundamental principles on using band diagrams and carrier transport to analyze bipolar diodes, Schottky diodes, photodiodes, BJT, MOS capacitor, MOSFET and Flash memories. Emphasis is put on the MOSFET designs for aggressively scaled VLSI technology. The economical, environmental and social impacts of the semiconductor technology will be illustrated from the past industrial data and the future prediction. The goal for this course is to train circuit, device and process engineers for semiconductor technology research and development.

2011 Fall : IEE5013 元件電路計測實驗 (Device and Circuit Characterization Laboratory )
The graduate-level course teaches fundamental DC, AC, and high frequency measurements for semiconductor devices with special emphasis on the MOSFET characterization. Students are expected to learn essential instrumentation and testing theory through both classroom lectures and hands-on experiment sessions. Prior knowledge on the semiconductor device physics is highly recommended. 

2011 Fall : DEE1037 數值分析 (Numerical Analysis)

2011 Spring : IEE5561 半導體物理及元件 (一) (Semiconductor Physics and Devices I)

2010 Fall : IEE5571 半導體實驗 (Semiconductor Experiment)
Introduction to modern nanofabrication technologies used to produce integrated circuits. Students perform a series of fabrication steps including cleaning, oxidation, lithography, etching and metallization to realize working semiconductor devices (pn junction diodes and MOS capacitors) in the lab. Prior knowledge of the operation of these devices is essential as each will be tested to verify the success (or failure) of the fabrication process.

2010 Fall : DEE1037 數值分析 (Numerical Analysis)

2010 Summer : IEE5571 半導體實驗 (Semiconductor Experiment)

2009 Spring : DEE1037 數值分析 (Numerical Analysis)

2009 Fall : DEE4515 半導體工程 (Semiconductor Engineering)
Introduction to modern nanofabrication technologies used to produce integrated circuits. The course intends to cover the critical process modules as well as the CMOS integration flow. It focuses on the latest IC fabrication technologies, but also includes the older technologies to provide better understanding of the history development.

2009 Summer : IEE5571 半導體實驗 (Semiconductor Experiment)

2009 Spring : IEE5561 半導體物理及元件 (一) (Semiconductor Physics and Devices I)

2008 Fall : DEE1037 數值分析 (Numerical Analysis)

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